Planning Director
Krongthip Sangkapreecha
Philip Starr Building
39015 172nd Ave SE
Auburn, WA 98092
Phone: 253-876-3329


Staff Members:
  • Krongthip Sangkapreecha - Planning Director
  • Lenny Sneatlum - Code Enforcement Officer
  • Lisa Sneatlum - Admin Specialist III
  • Stina Starr - Admin Specialist III
  • Frank Mellas - Building Official
  • Vacant - Building Technician
  • Wayne Wiltse – Planner III
  • Jeffrey Watson – Planner III
  • Vacant – Planning Technician


The Muckleshoot Planning Division utilizes a multi-disciplinary approach needed to provide the technical information and alternatives necessary for the Muckleshoot Tribal Council to enact policy and plan responsibly.

The Planning Division enlists the skills of many tribal departments and collaborates with surrounding communities to provide complete and thorough planning services that foster unity and strengthen the community. The Muckleshoot Planning Division provides long-range strategic planning, land and resource development services, analysys of environmental health and public policy issues, and geographic information services (GIS) to the Tribe and Reservation community.  The Planning Division issues development permits and performs inspection services for building, electrical, and land use for all territory on the Reservation.

Additional services include site analysis, code enforcement, transportation planning, family allotment assistance, and the bi-annual Muckleshoot community cleanup.  The Planning Division does not provide residential planning services.  These services need to be coordinated with the MIT Housing & Realty Services.