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Legal & Courts Building
39015 172nd Ave SE
Auburn, WA 98092
Honorable Gary F. Bass, Associate Judge
Honorable Mary Cordoza, Associate Judge
Monyca White, Tribal Prosecutor
Dorry Peterson, Tribal Prosecutor
Stacey Lara, Parent Advocate for Dependency Cases

Court Staff

Bobbie Jo Norton, Tribal Court Director
Julia Brown, Court Operations Manager
Salena Jackson, Court Clerk
Leesa Lozier, Records Specialist

If you are filing documents, please send to

Program Description - The Muckleshoot Tribal Court administers the law pursuant to the Muckleshoot Code of Laws and subsequent Ordinances for the Muckleshoot Indian Tribe, its community, its people, and all persons, property, resources, and territories subject to its jurisdiction.

Scope of Services - The Tribal Court offers a forum of dispute resolution per approved Codes and Laws of the Muckleshoot Tribe.

Free Legal Aid Clinic

The Muckleshoot Tribal Court has established a Legal Aid Clinic for the benefit of eligible Tribal and Community Members in need of legal advice.  These services may include, but are not limited to, advice-only services with respect to document review, criminal and civil litigation advice, probate matters, family law matters, explanation of the scope of Tribal Court jurisdiction, assistance with access to Tribal Court, and other routine matters.  Advice may be provided to members seeking to use both State and Tribal Court, but, preference shall be given to Tribal Court cases.

The Tribe has contracted with Joshua Williams, an attorney who will provide advice services at the Clinic weekly, unless there are schedule conflicts.  Each clinic participant will receive up to one (1) hour of free legal services with Mr. Williams or another licensed attorney.   The attorney will decline services where there is a conflict of interest or an ethical issue.  For more information, or to schedule an appointment on one of our Clinic days, please contact the Muckleshoot Tribal Court at (253) 876-3203.  

Partners -  The Muckleshoot Tribal Court contracts with the Northwest Intertribal Court System (NICS) to provide the Chief and Associate Judges, and Appellate Services. The University of Washington Native American Law Center provides public defender services for parents who qualify in Youth-in-Need-of-Case (Dependency) cases. To apply for these services please fill out the Parent Advocate Eligibility Application and return it to the Court Clerk’s office. The Native American Unit at the Northwest Justice Project provides free civil (non-criminal) legal services to eligible Native Americans and Alaska Natives who cannot afford a lawyer in Washington. To find out if the Native American Unit can help you please see the Helpful Links section. They can also help get your driver’s license back if you have a suspended license for unpaid traffic fines; suspension due to a car accident when you were uninsured; and, if you have one or more convictions for driving while a suspended license and you still have unpaid fines even though the suspension period is over. To learn more about this service please see the Helpful Links section. For a list of attorneys/spokesperson who are licensed to Practice in the Muckleshoot Tribal Court please see the Helpful Links section.

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