Public Works

Director of Public Works
Eddy Chu, P.E.
39620 176th LN SE
Auburn, WA 98092
Phone: 253-876-3143
Public Works-aerial WaterTowerSmall TransferCenterSmall

P.W. Operation 40228 Auburn Enumclaw Rd Auburn, WA 98092

Emergency or after hours: (253)876-3030

Business Hours: Monday - Friday 7AM - 4PM

Water Treatment Facility 39620 176th Ln SE Auburn, WA 98092

Main: (253)876-2795

Solid Waste Transfer Center 17613 SE 400th St Auburn, WA 98092


Business Hours: Monday - Friday 7AM - 4PM, Saturday and Sunday 1PM - 5PM

Staff Members:
Eddy Chu PW Director
David Schmidt PW Operations Manager
Tom Louie Solid Waste Supervisor
Steve Baker Firewood Supervisor
Mark Jansen Grounds Maintenance Supervisor
Todd Nelson Water Operation Specialist
Dewey Miller Waste Water Specialist
Pavel Yanushev Utility Engineering Specialist
Hamed Sediki Utility Inspector
Loretta Moses Accounts Manager
Les Hoffer Special Projects Manager
Tara Sheldon Administrative Specialist III










Mission & Goals:

Public Work's mission is to provide quality and timely service to the Tribal members such as residential lot preparation and grading, construction and maintenance of gravel driveway, water supplies and distribution ,sewage collection and conveyance system, firewood collection and delivery, dangerous tree removal and solid waste collection and disposal.  The program also provides Utilities Assignment, and assistance to all tribal members who reside within King and Pierce Counties.

Scope of Services:

  • Muckleshoot Utility District (MUD) Program
    This district provides full water and sewer service to the Tribal community on the reservation which includes well, pumps/lift station and water storage, collection and distribution systems. Our employees are on call 24 hours a day seven days a week to respond to any water or sewer emergency calls. The MUD utility district jurisdiction extends to all areas of the Muckleshoot reservation south of 386th Street City limit of Auburn. Public Works' budget pay for all Tribal sewer and water services for MIT facilities as well as for Tribal members' homes that are within the King and Pierce Counties. Within this year, we have produced over 50 million gallons of drinking water and pumped over 42 million gallons of sewage to King County Metro for treatment.
  • P.W. Infrastructure Construction and Maintenance Program
    Public Works provides construction and maintenance services for the Tribe's infrastructure systems which include:
    • Building demolition: PW had completed a total of 12 residential structures.
    • New home construction site work: PW was involved in a total of 6 sites.
    • Maintenance of the Tribal road and driveway system: PW had completed the repainting all the pavement marking system along with all the cross work and have regarded 90% of all the residential gravel driveways.
    • PW has also processed over 3,500 cubic yards of quality top soil from all construction site materials to be used in all landscaping projects
    • Maintain over 40 storm ponds within the reservation
  • Firewood Collection & Delivery Program
    The Firewood program provides for and enhances the general welfare of Tribal members by providing firewood for home heating to all Tribal families and by providing wood for cultural and spiritual ceremonies to Tribal members who request wood for such use.
  • Solid Waste Program
    Public Works provides the solid waste management service to many of the Tribal governmental and housing facilities to transfer Waste Management sites for final disposal. The program also served Members with their household hazardous waste and recycling program.
  • Utilities Assistance Program
    Public Works provides financial assistance for all tribal homes within King and Pierce Counties by paying for water, sewer, garbage fees, for each calander year - if you meet program criteria.